my pail split split my pail split split cd digipak [sh-07|fg-07]
release date 2/26/08

if you build it they will come; if you don't build it where will they go? suffering hiatus withdrawal from cult twee masters, the pastels, alias pail searched for any remnants of amateur underground pop that didn't involve an archive. Cues from a geographic records compilation and tokyo gig guide led to the scene of tenniscoats, maher shalal hash baz , and nagisa ni te. alias pail eventually stumbled upon my pal foot foot in japan. a pen pal relationship between musicians developed for many years and a split cd between the two bands ensued.

my pal foot foot create a more mystical, dark form of underground pop. they enjoy a fractured amateur form of melody and pop, claiming their strongest influence from the infamous outsider band, the shaggs. this playfulness is most noted on tracks such as 'best friend.' 'my pail split split' also finds my pal foot foot with some of the most upbeat songs they've released thus far; their previous catalog includes releases on majikick (home of tenniscoats) and flangehouse.

alias pail's involvement began with the cover of my pal foot foot's 'dollboy.' after a positive response, the idea to release a split cd came about. alias pail audaciously promised to keep writing songs in japanese for the release, originally as a language learning tool. the song writing approach took on new meaning after a death in the family. hidden in his second language and twee sound is a sobering, intimate document of alias pail's journey through grief, loss, and acceptance. songwriting intentionally lost in translation as a metaphor to preserve the rare and alienating emotions one can't properly place with words in any language.

sonically, alias pail's songs are unabashfully twee and playful with a little mix from psychedelic folk. Pulling strong influence from my pal foot foot, the pastels, and flipper's guitar (cornelius's high school guitar pop band), this mesh of influences shine through most on 'friendly ghost,' the closing track. alias pail also collaborated with an array of new york city and brooklyn artists to complete the songs, including pandatone (music related, neo oujia), julianna barwick (florid), and sawako (12k, anticipate).

a suitable dose of amateur twee and underground pop for fans of beat happening, the pastels, and tenniscoats.





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split cd release by my pal foot foot and alias pail. self released through friendly ghost recordings and suuhaak haaksu records. 10 tracks. 48 minutes.

1. city of lights [stream mp3 below]
2. best friend
3. iki iki
4. coco
5. hawaii
6. dollboy [promotional music video]
7. arata na yami
8. hanareta sora
9. rojin to umi
10. friendly ghost [stream mp3 below]

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