alias pailjames corrigan

[FG016] cd + digital

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1. colonial house
2. if i were there and you were here
3. 34 kinds of wings
4. quiet time
5. if i were vermont
6. she came into the diner
7. 27 dots
8. did you visit me last night?
9. endangered delicasies
10. what she said was
11. nice guys


alias paillove like deloreans
self titled

[FG012] 12" red vinyl

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1. ollie mess
2. epic high school
3. sun sine
4. satellite girls


alias pailliek as shadow
glass sound fantasy

[FG006] silkcreen print CD-R

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1. cast upon
2. for rest of screaming trees
3. autumns lullaby
4. colorfalls
5. the delicate pressure of raindrops
6. solitude, liek plays as dolphin
7. midnight passing above the clouds
8. song for xob in the silver clouds
9. spring clean glass sound magnolias


twi the humble feathertwi
early adventures

[FG001] CD-R




**refer to twi records


1. for the sorcerer forest
2. flight flight flight
3. birds racing in micro glass rocks

twi the humble feathertwi and the humble feather
self titled

[FG002] CD-R




*each cd-r sleeve is uniquely hand drawn and painted
**refer to twi records

1. before the morning lights
2. space and forest
3. the meeting of twi and humble
4. humble's fields of sound [part I]
5. humble's fields of sound [part II]
6. the forest of twi and humblefeather


self titled

[FG003] CD-R

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1. competition of strings and voice
2. aslotot
3. asloguitar for voice
4. l - ek - tronic - noize
5. the artist creates it's self


alias pailalias pail and my pal foot foot
my pail split split

[FG007] digipak





1. city of lights
2. best friend
3. iki iki
4. coco
5. hawaii
6. dollboy [promotional music video]
7. arata na yami
8. hanareta sora
9. rojin to umi
10. friendly ghost


alias pailtoy piano fanfare
three little stone EP

[FG015] cdr
+ digital

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1. three little stones
2. kathryn
3. brownsea
4. the tpf march


twi the humble featheruniverse

[FG013] CD-R w/ 12" poster

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1. under stars
2. i
3. radiation josefina
4. faces
5. please
6. window water
7. i'm not
8. puddles


alias pailalias pail
bent festival 2007

[FG014] cdr

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1. hiccup
2. jellyfish
3. toys we made
4. glassy cassie evil eye
5. girls hate girls
6. concierge rap
7. n-bomb
8. cubes
9. en torch
10. pastoral creations of liquid
11. secret formula theta
12. casta a spell
13. there go the slow tugboats


twi the humble feathertwi the humble feather
music for spaceships and forests

[FG005] CD Digipak

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*available at twi records

1. higher than the end
2. adventures of castle one
3. music for spaceships and forests
4. adventures of castle two
5. finale


twi the humble feathertwi the humble feather
[FGSH01] Hanes Comfort 100% Cotton Shirt

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alias pailalias pail + some sampled friends
apartymint EP

[FG008] CD-R

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1. wake up slow [intro]
2. get lost under
3. phones
4. world come to
5. kick it alone


liek and mu ensembleliek twi and the mu ensemble
self titled

[FG004/LTL0411] CD-R




recorded live on 99.9FM radiofree D.U.M.B.O


alias pailuniverse
universe I

[FG010] CD-R

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1. matilija
2. weekly
3. ice glen
4. silkscreen skies
5. faces


lost boy?
anarchy in the u.s.a.

[FG011] CD-R

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1. it before
2. taste butter [featuring boats]
3. broken frame [featuring boats]
4. egg satan [featuring boats]
5. darth invader [featuring boats]
6. western omelet [featuring boats]
7. fruit of the doom [featuring boats]
8. try and be simple
9. floor drunk [featuring boats]
10. gremlin witch [featuring boats]
11. 1991
12. grim reaper
13. ice cream man [featuring boats]
14. if i had a chance
15.if you were my girl [featuring boats]
16. answer [featuring boats]
17. here
18. hemorrhages 1 & 2 / dfs mansion [featuring alex o]