twi the humble feather

there is legend and rumor of a new interstellar adventurer, by the name of twi, who came to be by the will of an ancient sorcerer forest existing unknown in a nameless galaxy. those aware of this rumor say twi seeks the wisdom of vast green worlds, as well as the sating secrets of sound. inspired by the adventures of this new mythical character, the trio 'twi the humble feather' compose guitar and vocal based music depicting environments recently visited by twi; such as magical castles and forests, and various realms of the uncharted cosmos.

led by the creative direction of anthony lebron, twi the humble feather borrows from the myriad works of great composers such as arvo part, philip glass, j.s. bach, iannis xenakis, dimitri shostakovich, and carl orff. lebron, a classically trained guitarist, introduced flamenco and classical techniques to the trio, which, prior to their brotherly commitment to 'twi the humble feather', was strictly pop, rock, and experimental based. hektor fontanez, has played with, and led, several bands such as lasonik, abstract music project, and lil humble veli. he currently has an experimental and acoustic based solo project entitled liek. both alias pail and liek (pronounced lee-ek), are currently producing various recording projects.

the sound of 'twi the humble feather', in its duo form, could be characterized as a cinematic, sci-fi adventure. although currently a completely acoustic act, using no electronic effects whatsoever, the trio manages to vocally present percussive rhythms and sweeping spaceship sounds. chanting falsettos are often accompanied with delicate and fierce, super-dynamic staccato melodies and guitar chords; which often create intermittent minimalist drones by the unified resonance of acoustic frequencies.

currently, 'music for spaceships and forests' is the only completely realized work in the repertoire of 'twi the humble feather'. however, the trio is currently readying a new work entitled 'twi presents the antek songs' for live performance. in addition, lebron has begun the opening sketches for the sequel of 'music for spaceships and forests'.

the music of twi, as far as lebron is concerned, is "dedicated to everyone; here to celebrate and explore the wonders of imagination".  

twi the humble feather