friendly ghost recordings is a collective of musicians and friends working together to help each other promote, distribute, and book. we love making our own homemade cd-r's and friendly ghost therefore also serves as a document and archive of these humble DIY releases.

we strive to present media in all forms and access for our artists, so that their creative efforts can be accurately represented and reviewed. friendly ghost is not a record label, but a launching pad to assist our artists to find their appropiate audience or record label. kind of like purgatory, only the gatekeeper is more reliable and classier then beetlejuice. please contact us or the artists directly to discuss any interests.





friendly ghost is happy to have a network of close friends involved in various fields that regularly contribute to our projects. their time and creative input is a valuable asset to our works.

julianna barwick [photography]

jim turner [video] [bio]

chia ying lee [animation] [home] [bio]

dave ferraro [mastering and recording]

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