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three little stones EP

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'bits' is a collection of instrumental pieces and sketches spanning james' solo recordings. album title suggesting; the tracks each take on their own atmospheric identities calling from james' expansive pull of musical genres and influence. in the pieces, one can call out subtle references to african percussion, folktronica, modern jazz, hip hop, minimalist classical, and pop/rock. although the influences are expansive, careful composer and instrumentation sensibilities usher the listener though each piece effortlessly. even within a single composition, james' work can cross over and travel through influences, ignoring prejudice or hesitation in the movement.

"colonial house" starts with a thick percussive beat that feels tribal and worldly, before introducing guitars and electronics that shift the theme into a playful back and forth with disonant chord progressions that seem anti-pop. later the song slowly descontructs into minimalist electronics and field recordings.

"she came into the diner" begins as a haunting angelic vocal overdub (ala panda bear's young prayer), then creeps into a melancholic stair step fall riff from perhaps a steel drum, or heavily effected piano.







james' work as a composer in 'bits' reveals a stronger creative intention in the appreciation of building atmospheres and textures. his ongoing work and ability as a soundtrack composer becomes self evident.

the album is experimental and abstract in that it pulls from a vast array of influences that at first glance may not seem compatible. the compositions are free spirited and loose. you can almost feel that the composer is testing the results of mash up instrumentation and musical genres within the pieces and waits for results after the event; rather then predicting or conceptualizing it ahead of time. where most musician try to focus on one signature sound, james corrigan reveals that he sees music as only music. 'bits,' his first release on friendly ghost recordings, effortlessly takes the listener through a thousand mile journey without having to take a single step.

[length 39:06]

1. colonial house [3:33]
2. if i were there and you were here [5:46]
3. 34 kinds of wings [3:09]
4. quiet time [2:53]
5. if i were vermont [3:53]
6. she came into the diner [3:46]
7. 27 dots [3:52]
8. did you visit me last night? [3:13]
9. endangered delicasies [3:39]
10. what she said was [0:46]
11. nice guys [5:07]

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