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alias pailtoy piano fanfare
three little stones EP

[FG015] cdr
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5.00 USD


[available online]

toy piano fanfare started as an online friendship and collaboration in 2003 between steven dacosta [plinth] and bryan doring [alias pail, twi the humble feather]. tracks were sent back and forth, layered, and reworked all online before ever meeting in person.

plinth was featured on the geographic compilation you don't need darkness to do what you think is right and have received reviews the wire. mike tanner of plinth continues to record and release plinth music, distributing underground efforts from dorset.

the sound is ambient and melodic, taking influences from international airport and brian eno. vocals come in sparingly, trying to blend ambient, instrumental, and pop sensibilities. the toy piano becomes the centerpiece for instrumentation, backed by acoustic and electronic sounds and breathy amateur vocals.

lyrics are strongly personal as the two then musician/strangers began to understand each other. "kathryn" is a wedding song for steven and his wife, and "brownsea" is a research project song about the locale and geography of brownsea island, located in dorset, england; where steve resides.

after completion of the project, bryan and steve have met on many occasions in both nyc and england, finding friendship through this unique online project.







[length 23:28]

1. three little stones [7:54]
2. kathryn [3:42]
3. brownsea [4:34]
4. the toy piano march [7:18]

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