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alias pailalias pail
toys we made

[FG014] cdr



CD-R prepared for the 2007 bent festival. sounds and samples made from bent instruments interwoven into pop structures. some of the instruments used: tablebeast casio sk-1 bend, 1bit groovebox, speakjet chip. other circuit bent instruments were designed by alias pail themselves. the final product is a 13 track album all focused on bent instruments. appearances by twi the humble feather, julianna barwick, simon grimm, and dion dhrati








[length 40:59]

1. hiccup
2. jellyfish
3. toys we made
4. glassy cassie evil eye
5. girls hate girls
6. concierge rap
7. n-bomb
8. cubes
9. en torch
10. pastoral creations of liquid
11. secret formula theta
12. casta a spell
13. there go the slow tugboats

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