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alias pailuniverse

[FG013] CD-R
w/ 12" poster
15.00 USD

[available online]

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A forgotten meeting under a giant telescope, an optimistic fall from outer space and a radioactive tunnel to another part of this world - some of the themes covered on the Universe album Adventures. Recorded in bedrooms, attics, and trains across America, Adventures starts out relatively high tech and beautiful; taking advantage of a collection of ancient synthesizers and electric rhythm makers. As Adventures plays on a shift occurs; leaving the high-tech behind, and replacing it with tranquil compositions created from guitars, melodicas, and tape delays. these conflicts and combinations of sound reflect Universe's sonic visions; shifting and molding sounds to situations; the universe is everything. Recommended to be listened to in rain showers of the color white, preparing for any sort of journey, or laying on a bedroom floor.











[length 28:45]

1. under stars
2. i
3. radiation josefina
4. faces
5. please
6. window water
7. i'm not
8. puddles



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