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love like deloreanslove like deloreans

[FG012] 12 inch red vinyl

15.00 USD



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Their self-titled debut album bridges contrasting styles: Reich-like conceptualism meets heart-on-sleeve melodies while switched-on baroque pop crosses with Dinger-esque motorik drive. Unlike the heavily studio-created techno-pop of recent times, all of the keyboards on the record were performed by hand, bringing a human warmth to an often cold and calculated medium.  Listeners gaze out the back window on a road trip through spacious electronic landscapes daydreaming of childhood casios under whispy analog synth clouds. 

The group formed in fall of 2007 by Lorna Krier and Peter Pearson, who had moved to Brooklyn from Milwaukee to become involved in the New York experimental scene.  There they met Derek Muro, a graduate from Manhattan School of Music.  With similar backgrounds and having a general dissatisfaction with the scene, they gathered in their Bushwick lofts to drink beer, listen to records, and play synthesizers.  








[length 27:25]

1. ollie mess [6:59]
2. epic high school [6:00]
3. sun sine [5:32]
4. satellite girls [8:54]

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