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lost boy?
anarchy in the u.s.a.

[FG011] CD-R


lost boy assembles a retrospective of his recordings featuring this collaborations with the boats and excursions at df mansion. a twist of the best aspects from psychedelic 90's grunge pop and lofi recordings, lost boy's garbage pail melodies and piercing vocals become more addictive with each listen. something is immediately familiar in these songs, and yet they remain original and playful. perfect for a roadtrip through the midwest. stop by waffle house, grab a munch and continue to new mexico with your hand out the window.

recorded on br-8 / 4 track cassette [2006 - 2008]







 [length 45:20]

1. it before
2. taste butter [featuring boats]
3. broken frame [featuring boats]
4. egg satan [featuring boats]
5. darth invader [featuring boats]
6. western omelet [featuring boats]
7. fruit of the doom [featuring boats]
8. try and be simple
9. floor drunk [featuring boats]
10. gremlin witch [featuring boats]
11. 1991
12. grim reaper
13. ice cream man [featuring boats]
14. if i had a chance
15.if you were my girl [featuring boats]
16. answer [featuring boats]
17. here
18. hemorrhages 1 & 2 / dfs mansion [featuring alex o]




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