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alias pailalias pail + some sampled friends
a party mint EP

[FG006] CD-R

5.00 USD


 [length 29:43]

1. wake up slow [intro]
2. get lost under [3:23]
3. phones [3.47]
4. world come to [3:29]
5. kick it alone [3:53]
6. already over [3:34]

poppy and folky, a party mint is alias pail's first jaunt as a music artist. recorded in upstate new york all alone in his apartment around 2002, alias pail's amateur form of electronic incursions with guitar twee pop is evident and in development. aid came only by online file transfers and post mail, hence his 'sampled friends.' post punk basslines, overly layered melodic chorus melodies and at times earnest lyrics, 'a party mint' is a child form tribute of pop that alias pail now challenges and deviates from, but can never admittingly escape.







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