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self titled

[FG003] CD-R

10.00 USD




experimental, abstract, and atmospheric; 'self titled' is a dark and ominous exploration of electronic lo fi synth sounds and samples with analog four track charm. 'competition of strings and voice' hushes in delayed synths and hidden voices, bringing a weight and gloom comparable to the soundtrack synth moments in donnie darko. 'aslotot' starts off as a night time hovering track then fights against abrasive intrusions and synth play. this album induces a dark dreamy state and then uplifts toward the end with celebrating drums and warm synth sounds.







 [length 41:43]

1. competition of strings and voice [2:40]
2. aslotot [20:21]
3. asloguitar for voice [14:24]
4. l - ek - tronic - noize [1:17]
5. the artist creates it's self [3:01]




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